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> Decide What Business to Start

> Discover How to Choose Your Market

> Validate Your Business Idea

> Develop a Winning Pitch



Go From Idea to Business Model & Customers in the next 60 days!

~Amplify your Business in 2018~

Startup Spark Bootcamp is a customized, 1:1 mentoring program designed specifically for you and your business..

It is for Pre-seed or Early Stage Entrepreneurs who are at the idea stage, or for those who have already gotten started and are trying to find product/market fit.

In simple terms, this means you haven’t yet found the holy grail of people banging down your door to buy your product or service, and aren’t sure what you need to do to make that happen.

If this sounds like you, then the Startup Spark Bootcamp will teach you and your team how to use some of the success tools used in world-class accelerators, and companies like Google, Lego, Citibank and Pinterest.

If you haven’t gotten paying clients yet, have not built out an MVP, or if you do have some traction, and are working on a prototype, and aren’t sure how to get to the next level, this training is for you.

You may be bootstrapping, putting everything on credit cards, or are about to go to Friends/Family to raise a seed round. You are at the beginning. And it’s hard.

Maybe you just got rejected from Techstars or some other accelerator, and don’t know why. You want to do whatever you can to increase your odds of success to get in next time, so you can gain access to mentors, their networks and maybe even some funding.

Startup Spark can help you get there

Maybe you have another job and are working on your idea on the side, but want to quit and do this full time.

Or maybe you already quit your job, and are finding you’re in over your head and wonder if you made a mistake. You don’t want to fail and are running out of cash, or it’s taking too long to make any meaningful progress, and you don’t want your idea to die.

Startup Spark will make sure that doesn’t happen  

Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Customer Development, MVP, Hypothesis, Pivot- You've heard the buzz words but maybe you don’t really know what these things actually are, or how to implement them properly.

Sure, you know there’s a ton of info out there, and you’ve probably checked out the videos and books, but you don’t know how it all fits together, or how to prioritize and apply it to your business. 

You want someone to customize the advice to your particular situation and to watch your back!

And you wonder how to get access to that person?! Unless you can get into an accelerator, what do you do in the meantime?    

You can keep reading or...

Learn How to Identify Your Ideal Customer, Test Your Idea & Business Model

I created Startup Spark Bootcamp because I noticed there was a gap in knowledge, between early and later stage startups, and I want to help you to get a solid foundation in place to help your business grow.

You are missing specific things that you need to take your business  to the next level. 

This program will prep you for what you need to know!

You’ll acquire the language, tools, and processes needed to learn:

  • Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas

  • Steve Blank’s Customer Development Process

  • Target Markets/Segments

  • Value Propositions

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Market Demand

  • Market Sizing

  • How to Test Your Idea

  • MVP

  • Sales

  • Marketing

These things will take you from where you are now to where you want to be...

You will:

  • Go from the idea in your head to a viable business model that has been tested with real customers, and know with confidence that you are headed in the right direction
  • Eliminate the confusion and develop a proven game-plan that works to test and iterate your idea until it DOES work
  • Assess if you have the right resources in place, so you don’t spin your wheels and waste time, money and effort
  • Get a Reality-check before you launch and build your MVP and product
  • Hear from customers in their own words, what they want, and give it to them
  • Finally learn how to properly test your hypotheses and validate if your idea is worth pursuing
  • Find out FAST if you need to pivot

I will demystify and guide you through the steps of how to do all this, and answer any other specific questions you may have, as they pertain to you and YOUR company. You can leverage my decades of experience launching and running tech startups in SF and LA.

You will get personal mentoring, in a hands-on environment to help you with decision-making, prioritization, and clarification of next steps, to create a game-plan as you go, which will boost your efficiency and confidence.

If you can get proficient at testing your idea with the canvas, and at conducting customer interviews, these methods will help you in the quest to build an MVP, at the right time, and to get traction. This means you will increase your chances of getting into an accelerator, to get funding, clients, and to take your startup to the next level. 

We can focus as much or as little of our focus on these areas as you need, depending on how much time you devote to the exercises and how far along you are.  If you find that you need more help on other topics, we can tailor-make your experience to satisfy that requirement.


  • Startup Spark Bootcamp is an online, 3 month intensive program. You will get customized lessons delivered to you via email 3 weeks out of every month. You can watch the videos and read the content on demand, at your convenience, whether you are on-the-go or at home, 24/7.

  • You will also participate in 3, 90-minute Live Video Mentoring Sessions with me every month, a few days after receiving your assignments.  These Sessions are where you will present your canvas, set goals and objectives, track your progress, ask questions and get feedback from me. The fourth week is off so you have plenty of time to do your assignments.

  • You will have email access to me throughout the course.

  • You will complete assignments between the weekly Lessons and Mentoring Sessions.

Curriculum includes:


Business Model Canvas

  • Understand what business modeling is all about
  • Describe, design, challenge, invent and pivot your business model in 30 days
  • Get your idea out of your head and onto paper
  • Learn 9 essential Business Building Blocks
  • Ditch your business plan (if you even have one) and replace it with this easy-to-use one-page canvas
  • Practice telling the story of your business in a succinct way, as you continue to formulate your idea week after week
  • Get valuable feedback about your idea
  • Learn how to make decisions quickly in a time-limited environment
  • Use the canvas as a handy visual tool to tell the story of your business to attract investors, team, customers
  • See how to move your business forward
  • Identify what’s holding you back
  • Test your Idea
  • Identify and take action on your Real Priorities
  • Stop wasting money building out an MVP before you’re certain there is even a demand in the marketplace


Customer Development

  • Mine valuable insights from prospective customers
  • Position your business to get High Value customers
  • Learn how to interview Customers the Right way
  • Identify and test Personas/Targets
  • Uncover the needs and desires of Customers and turn them into your customer advantage
  • Leverage your resources to stand out above your competition
  • See how to get your message out to attract prospects
  • Improve the clarity and focus on what’s driving your business, and strip away what’s not important and getting in your way
  • Shorten the time it takes for you to validate your idea, pivot and start working towards Product /Market Fit  


It’s not just about getting valuable advice, but it’s about the experience of executing and taking action together!



  • Save Time, Money and prevent Stress and Headaches
  • Increase Odds of Success
  • Engage Collaborators
  • Boost Creativity
  • Achieve Simplicity & Clarity
  • Accelerate the Process of Decision-Making
  • Stop spinning your wheels and going in the wrong direction
  • Learn a Repeatable Process
  • Mitigate risk
  • Become more proficient at telling your Story
  • Gain the tools and training that you can use throughout the evolution of your startup
  • Speed up the time it takes to get into an accelerator or to get Funded
  • Gain exposure to Startup Ecosystems and see where your idea stacks up against others who may be doing the same thing
  • Clarify your Messaging
  • Get real-time, relevant advice focused on what matters most to you and your startup now!

Discover if Startup Spark Bootcamp is right for you!


Program pricing ranges from $397- $10,000

eligibility for programs is determined by application and your complimentary startup success mentoring session

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