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Hello founders!

My name is Sofia Agras, and I am here to help you! I’m an early adopter who’s been on the ground floor of a number of VC backed companies that had successful exits. I’ve taken them from $0 to F500, and generated over $350M for startups.  I’ve also helped co’s get investor-ready, closing over $50M in angel/VC funding. 

I was the Peer-to-Peer Expert in Business Plans and How to Raise Capital for Smarty- LA, a Women's  Business Networking Group.  I've also been a Startup Next, Techstars and Startup Boost Mentor for the past 6 years- since the early days of the Lean Startup movement.

I was one of the first to teach The Business Model Canvas and Customer Development in LA, after developing my own proprietary Business Feasibility Program.

One startup got into into Mucker Labs. Two others got into Y Combinator. Collectively, the startups have raised millions in funding.

After working with hundreds of companies, seeing thousands of business models, witnessing the pain that Founders feel after being rejected from accelerators, or trying to launch on their own and failing, I created these educational programs to help you increase your odds of success.  

It bothers me to see so many startups die - often unnecessarily, due to ignorance - because they weren’t armed with the right tools and techniques that would have led them to approach things differently from the very beginning.  

Let’s be real. It’s hard to know what you don’t know.

You think you’re going to crush it. And chances are, you won’t. Let’s look at how to improve your odds.

I want to show you how to use proven, cutting-edge Silicon Valley tools, so you can become empowered to go out and implement them on your own, and avoid making costly mistakes.

Accelerators teach you these tools in their programs because they work! This is a chance for you to get up to speed NOW, and to become proficient sooner rather than later, which will make you a higher quality candidate if you apply in the future, or if you simply want to jump-start your success.  

My Areas of Expertise Are:

* Sales/Business Development * New Market Development * Identifying Untapped Opportunities * Trends Analysis & Insights * Business Model Development * Business Analysis * Go-to-Market Strategy * Market Research & Analysis * Marketing Campaigns * Branding/Messaging * Competitive Analysis * Stakeholder Interviews * Customer Development * Personas * Customer Journey Mapping * Product Innovation * Pitch Decks * Crowdfunding * Storytelling * Content Strategy * Video * Copywriting * Conscious Capitalism * Ways to Embrace the Digital Economy

I'm looking forward to partnering in your success!

Sofia was one of THE pivotal people who helped me come to terms with the Customer Development strategy, a process she’s been exercising before it ever was a book.
We worked together for five consecutive weeks coming up with a product designed to help college students connect with one another on campus. She kept me on track and checking my hypotheses, no matter how many times I’d lose my way.
She’s an entrepreneur through and through, and will help you make smarter decisions on your own journey. If it weren’t for her I would never had the vocabulary or progress I needed to get into MuckerLab as an EIR.
— Justin Boogaard, CoFounder of GoGoGrandparent