I met Sofia at a Tech Coast Angels event of which I am a member. If you are looking for honest feedback on a startup or need guidance on a business, Sofia can provide you some great useful advice so you don’t waste a lot of time and resource chasing an idea that hasn’t been thought through. I would not hesitate to work with Sofia on a project and highly recommend her.
— Tommie Joe, Member/Investor, Tech Coast Angels
Sofia has been part of the digital media transformation in SoCal for over 15 years. She was on top of new trends and technology from the time the Internet broke. At a time when business models were being developed on the fly, Sofia utilized her strategic business planning and modeling skills to unearth and develop the most promising companies. Sofia is one of the top executives approached to test, assess and perfect a business plan, market analysis and deployment strategy for newco’s. Female Founders would be well-served to utilize her sagacious assessment of the viability of a startup. Any company looking to expand or develop a new division in the digital realm would also be well-served in utilizing her comprehensive market planning and analysis. I’ve enjoyed working with this industry vet and am pleased that she offers such services in a well-packaged and tailored product. Remember, no idea is original. Sofia will give your plans their best shot!
— Linda Nicolai, Gunpowder and Sky Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Strategy
Sofia is one of those rare human beings who encompasses compassion, brilliance, determination, brains, savvy marketing skills and has experience an amazing array of companies where she sky-rocketed them to success. If you are looking for someone who will always have your back, who can do the impossible, who can outsmart the competition and make your company grow like crazy... she’s your person!
Run, don’t walk... get your pitch ready to entice her to come work with you and your company... But you better hurry... She’s got more to offer than almost any other person I’ve met — you’ll be waiting in a long line... to get her attention... and if you can get her attention and have her work with you, it will be the smartest thing you’ve ever done!
— Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, VP, Program Executive at Salesforce, Social Media Software Analyst and Social Business Consultant
Sofia was one of THE pivotal people who helped me come to terms with the Customer Development strategy, a process she’s been exercising before it ever was a book.

We worked together for five consecutive weeks coming up with a product designed to help college students connect with one another on campus. She kept me on track and checking my hypotheses, no matter how many times I’d lose my way.
She’s an entrepreneur through and through, and will help you make smarter decisions on your own journey. If it weren’t for her I would never had the vocabulary or progress I needed to get into MuckerLab as an EIR.
— Justin Boogaard, CoFounder of GoGoGrandparent
I’ve known Sofia since the height of the dot com days in the late ‘90’s. She has always been a valued and respected colleague, with incredibly insightful advice. And is always on top of the latest technology. I highly recommend her ... whether as a consultant, employee or friend.
— Ben Mendelson, President of the ITV Alliance, and Sr. Partner at 2nd Degree Partners
Sofia is always a step ahead.  I’m one of only 20 people in the world with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), and have been featured on numerous national TV shows. I never dreamed of translating my ability into a possible business venture.
However when Sofia heard about it, unlike most people, she immediately recognized the vast potential of an exclusive talent. She showed me the way to market this ability, monetize it, and more importantly utilize it as a tool to help others.
She easy to work with, and great to be around, and possesses an endless drive and energy. She has an amazing ability to constantly think out of the box. Sofia handles high pressure well, and is detail-oriented. Nothing ever falls through the cracks on any of the high quality projects she’s involved in.
There is very little she hasn’t done in the business world—or can’t do. Intelligent, considerate, and always on the cutting edge, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, experience, and know how to anyone who hires her.
— Robert Petrella, Supervising Producer, Splash Productions/”Reel Men”
Sofia is a multi-talented entrepreneur, she amazes me by her ability to “cut through the crap” and come up with solutions. Always spot-on AND she can think sideways, this is to me her major talent. If you pass her by, you will regret it!  
— Dick Ollett, Telecom Manager, Hollywood Center Studios
Sofia is a vibrant, passionate and innovative professional who goes out of her way to give her clients what they need. She pays attention to detail and is an active listener. If you are looking to grow your business with clarity and confidence, Sofia is the person you need. She will go out of her way to provide you with a thorough and service that will more than meet your needs.
— Taya Wood, Author
I met Sofia in 2011 at a business conference she created and have been impressed with her depth of knowledge about what it takes to make startups successful. She translates her experience into excellent advice and guidance for those brave enough to pursue their dreams. I confidently recommend connecting with Sofia!
— Lori Nowlen, Accounts Payable and Payroll Manager at Nephrology Associates PC at Nephrology Associates PC
“As a business feasibility strategist, Sofia’s expertise and first-hand knowledge assisted me in establishing the successful business I had desired. Her organized, step-by-step process was extremely helpful and her dedication to me and my goals is extraordinary. She’s remarkable in her field and an absolute pleasure to work with. Sofia stands out above others in her field. I highly recommend her. Her top Qualities are that she delivers Great Results, she is an Expert in her field and she has High Integrity.”
— Pamela Dussault Runtagh, Founder, Passage to Inner Joy